Dreamcatcher Students Improve One Grade Level in 30 Hours of Instruction in Reading, Spelling or Math… Or We provide FREE Lessons Until They Do.


Academic success for ALL. We promise.

Since 1997, Dreamcatcher Direct Instruction Centers has provided exemplary educational services for students of Boulder County. Our curriculum, Direct Instruction, has been proven effective in more than 3,000 studies over the past 40 years. What sets us apart from traditional tutoring is this model of education and our carefully selected team of instructors. Regardless of students’ educational histories or behavioral challenges, Dreamatcher works! We promise. We invite you to schedule a visit to experience Direct Instruction in action.

At Dreamcatcher:

  • We teach basic academic skills to learners of all ages.
  • We provide one-to-one instruction with the same teacher.
  • Our program fits YOUR schedule.
  • We offer flexible payment plans. NO contract.
  • We guarantee RAPID progress using Direct Instruction, a research-validated curriculum.

It works. We promise.

From our parents:

I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am with my nephew’s success and growth under the leadership of the staff at Dreamcatcher. Dreamcatcher has transformed a low self-esteem child who hated school and reading into an empowered young man who enjoys reading to himself and others.

I thank Dreamcatcher for assisting this unique and special boy to be successful.

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